About Quentin

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  • Bachelor of Science, Engineering Physics, Colorado School of Mines

  • Author of the book, Affluent Internet Marketing

  • Owner of Indoor Environmental Services, an indoor air quality consulting business, for 10 years in Vail, Colorado.

  • Owner of DomainProX.com, a boutique digital marketing company.

Quentin Danziger Physics Degree“Hi. I’m Quentin Danziger, owner of Q Ventures Inc, the parent company of DomainProX.

If you’re like I once was, you know almost instinctively, that digital marketing can be powerful. You see evidence of the vast potential every day…with other businesses. But for some reason you haven’t seen the same results. What’s worse, you’ve believed a few promises and tried a few things…and you’ve gotten screwed every time.

That’s one of the reasons I got into digital marketing. I owned a successful offline business in Vail for 10 years, and the same thing happened to me many times. Digital marketers would promise me the world, put the hard-sale on me. Then when I didn’t see any results, they wouldn’t even honor the money-back guarantee they promised. Feeling like a powerless, helpless fool feels awful, and it drove me to where I am today.

For almost 10 years now, I’ve studied and experimented with all aspects of digital marketing. Thru trial, error, time and hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money, I’ve learned what works and what’s hype and hooey.

Now I focus only on what gets results, and that’s what I give to you.

Thanks for stopping by, let me know if I can help.”