Internet Marketing

Dominate The Internet In Front Of Your Exact Audience.
Zero Risk To Your Internet Properties.

SEO + Facebook + Retargeting + Email Marketing

Think of Safe Internet Domination as Leasing (No Binding Contracts) our pre-existing valuable Internet Properties. Our domain (relevant to your niche) and all its pages are branded to you and designed to elicit an action. The pages include your phone number and a form collecting leads that you own while under the Lease.

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Example of a Leased Domain. One video and 2 Pages in top 3.
Above Local Results.

Every domain has an associated facebook fanpage, which will be yours for posting and promoting your brand to the pre-existing fans. You can post as often as you like or not at all. Use it when you want and forget it when you want. We will always post regularly and keep your fans engaged and entertained.

The domain and facebook fanpage will be branded to you.  It will be designed for direct response, with your phone number and contact form on every page.  We will rank numerous different pages for numerous keywords.  We will rank numerous pages and/or videos for the same keywords, so your brand will occupy numerous spots on page 1 for the same search terms.

As people visit your domain, they will be “Re-Targeted“.  This will put your ad in front of everyone who has been to your website, while they surf the internet.  This is so powerful because they have gone to your website with an interest.  When your ad then stays in front of them, it reminds them that they are interested in your brand!  Also, they are not lost for ever when they leave.  Re-Targeting is built into your Domain.

Best Miami Yacht Broker

Dominate the first page for numerous search terms.
This Domain occupies spots 3 thru 7.

We will also use facebook for two main purposes:  Direct Advertising  to your site and Building a Herd of active, interested followers who trust you, on the business fanpage that comes with the rental of the domain.

Yes, the domain comes with a business fanpage with your brand on it, loaded with fans who like you and who actively interact with you!  People don’t actively interact with you unless they trust you.  They also don’t buy from you without trust. Since facebook fans trust you, they have already overcome one of the greatest hurdles to the sale.

The above services come with every Domain Rental.  Email Marketing is optional.

At your option, I will also handle all the Email Marketing.  You own all the email addresses collected while you rent the domain.  I will market your brand to the email list, as described here.